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Posters natalia arefieva

It often happens that an artist works in his own very recognizable style, and the client comes exactly for this. But it doesn’t work that way with me. All of my graphic stories are very different, ranging from sustained minimalism to art kitsch. Maybe because in life I am a passionate person, I'm interested in experiments, frequent mood swings, instant impulses, creative spark, intrigue and even creative hooliganism.

Where do I get ideas? Certainly not in fashion trends. The source of inspiration comes from day to day situations. I get outdoors in nature - here it is, the amazing and magical graphic forms of plants. Renovation in the country house - here they are vintage textures. A drawer of old postcards in a second-hand bookseller - an unusual collage or pattern is born. Inflatable toy tank on the market - it is also useful for my art.

I see no place for something insipid and boring in the interior for a happy life. Down with visual longing! So, if you are looking for a good mood, then welcome to Fun House Store!

Stay tuned for new products, we are always glad to see you!
Sincerely yours, the Funhouse team and Nata Hare.

All the drawings on the wallpapers and posters are painted by our artists and are the exclusive products of our shop
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