How to hang your wallpaper


For your convenience, Fun house store has prepared clear instructions on how to install the wallpaper yourself.

Tools you need:

  • а bucket;
  • a narrow scrapper,
  • a plastic smoother
  • a roller;
  • a pallet;
  • a paintbrush;
  • a clean sponge;
  • an utility knife, a pencil, a metal ruler;
  • a liquid-vial indicator

Carrying out preparatory work

Examine the surface of the wall: it should be smooth, dry, clean and even. Remove old paint and the remains of the wallpaper with a scrapper. If the colour of the wall is dark and uneven, ground the surface first.

Preparing wallpaper paste correctly

  • Take a bucket, a brush for mixing components.
  • Dissolve the dry content of a package in four litres of cold water, stir quickly for 3 minutes.
  • Stir again after 15 minutes
  • The paste is ready.

The paste that you have not used up can be stored for another 14 days.

Please read the information on the package carefully before purchasing the paste. The product must match your type of wallpaper.

Stages of installing wallpaper

  • Spread the strips face up on the floor. Connect the drawing by putting the strips in the correct order.
  • Observe verticality especially when installing the first strip. From the left edge near the ceiling, mark the width of the wallpaper strip with a pencil. From this point, while holding a liquid-vial indicator, draw a vertical line down the wall. This line will guide you while installing the first strip.
  • The paste is applied with a roller onto the prepared wall. Be sure to spread the paste all over the surface. If you miss an area, the wallpaper may bubble. Apply the paste in corners and hard-to-reach places with a paintbrush.
  • Wallpaper strip is applied along the contour limiters from above and below on the wall greased with glue.
  • Smooth each strip of wallpaper from the inside out using a clean plastic smoother moving from the ceiling to the floor.
  • Apply next strips without overlapping the seams. Places where the stripes meet you should coat with the paste more carefully to make the edges invisible. But the paste should not appear on the front side. Any extra paste should be removed immediately with a wet clean sponge.
  • After applying the second strip, smooth the surface with a clean plastic smoother.
  • After installing wallpaper remove the excess parts from the top and bottom with a utility knife.
  • After the end of the work do not ventilate the room, keep the usual room temperature for 24 hours so that the paste can fully dry.

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