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How to place an order?

We produce wallpaper according to individual sizes.

  • Enter the width and height of the wall in centimeters.
  • Click the Add to bag button.
  • Go to the shopping bag, fill in all the fields and click the
    Checkout button.
  • Enter the width and height of the wall in centimeters.

In the near future our manager will contact you and send you a design layout for approval.

On the design layout you will see: the number and width of the stripes, how the picture will be cropped and the total size of the wallpaper.

How can I order three samples?

In order to convince you in the quality of our products, we produce three samples, the size of each sample is 100x30cm.

Samples will be made based on the design layout and dimensions of your wall.

Sample cost – 9 euros. If you need more than 3 samples, each additional sample will cost 13 euros.

To order you need:

  • Enter the width and height of the wall in centimeters.
  • on the button below Order a free sample
  • Go to the shopping bag and fill in all the fields.

We make custom wallpapers based on the size of your wall. Choose one of the three materials:

Texture “Smooth” from € 39/m²

  • Matte color rendition
  • High density (210 g/m²)
  • Canvas width 100 cm

Due to the absence of vinyl coating, the wallpaper cannot be washed or cleaned with moisture

Texture “Plaster” from € 42/m²

  • The texture will conceal minor wall irregularities
  • High density (230 g/m²)
  • Canvas width 100 cm

Thanks to the moisture-resistant vinyl coating, the wallpaper can be cleaned with moisture

Texture “Fine Sand” from € 46/m²

  • The texture is fine but pronounced
  • High density (250 g/m²)
  • Canvas width 100 cm

Thanks to the moisture-resistant vinyl coating, the wallpaper can be cleaned with moisture

You can learn more about the materials in the section Materials and Prices



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Delivery is carried out by the reliable transport company DHL. The average delivery time to EU countries is 7 business days. The exact delivery time may vary depending on the recipient country.

We guarantee fast and reliable delivery of your order, so you receive it on time and without any issues. After placing the order, our manager will send you the tracking number and provide information about the delivery times.

Return guarantee

We are a customer-oriented company where your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with your order, we will gladly remake it or refund you in full. Your satisfaction is our main goal, and we are ready to do everything possible to provide you with high-quality products and services.

Choose a convenient payment method and wait for your order with confidence in its timely delivery.


1. Make sure the received wallpapers fully match your order. Lay out the panels on the floor and align them using the numbers on the back of each panel.

2. Prepare the necessary tools. You will need:

  • a roller for applying adhesive
  • a bucket for the adhesive
  • a seam roller
  • a brush for applying adhesive
  • a tape measure
  • a utility knife
  • a dry cloth
  • a level
  • a pencil
  • adhesive for non-woven wallpapers

3. Using a tape measure, measure the width of the strip and carefully, using a builder’s level and a pencil, mark vertical marks on the wall under each strip.

4. Apply an even layer of adhesive to the wall using a roller.

5. Wallpapers are mounted sequentially, starting with the first strip and then in ascending order of the numbers marked on the back of the wallpapers. Carefully apply the first strip to the wall according to the pencil marks where the adhesive was applied. When the strip lies precisely along the marked lines, smooth the wallpaper with a rubber roller.

6. To apply the second strip, apply adhesive to the wall surface again and carefully apply the second strip, aligning the pattern. Do not rush to press the canvas with a roller. Attach to the wall with light movements, and only then go over the wallpapers with a rubber roller.

7. There is no need to fill the joints; they should be smoothed out with a roller. If the adhesive gets on the front side, carefully remove it with a clean cloth.

8. Excess wallpaper on the edges can be trimmed with a utility knife.

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